88Ronin Apparel Co.

88Ronin Apparel Co. is an athletic lifestyle brand and online retailer based in Ontario Canada. We exist to uplift and empower those who have set out on a journey to better themselves and live an active lifestyle. Above all, we hope to provide the competitive cheerleading and fitness community with high-quality products, and seamless customer experience and service.

88Ronin was created by a competitive cheerleader who was inspired by the community that he found surrounding the sport. In 2016, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) officially declared competitive cheerleading a sport. 

Today, the stereotypical image of sideline cheerleading has changed and transformed into a sport that requires agility, strength, and technique. This is where 88Ronin Apparel Co. was born. With the progression of cheerleading as a sport, 88Ronin offers a new hip and edgy side of fashionable fitness apparel for cheerleaders and athletes alike. 

 With heavy influences in fitness / bodybuilding and street-wear, 88Ronin is the first to be considered a fashionable fitness brand in the cheerleading fitness industry.

“Embrace Your Journey”